Innovative, fun, unforgettable – welcome to the world of the 360X.


The 360X captures videos, GIFs and boomerangs from every angle! Guests hop onto the branded platform and the slow-motion camera arm circles them – recording their moment in the spotlight and adding your branding.

Let your guest shine on their own, or in a group. They can be creative from every angle with cool, eye-catching props. The branded video is ready to share as soon as the guests leave the platform – and they cannot resist sharing.

user experience

Special Effects

The 360X records in a style of your choosing.

With so many settings, the power of the 360X really is in your hands. Have the video record in slow-mo, start slow and then speed up, or catch consumers in a speedy boomerang for the whole video.

Whatever you choose, the content will always be cool and shareable.


Wow - we did it! We made content creation completely controllable with the addition of filters aligned to your brand message.

When consumers share their videos, they share your brand with their friends and followers.


We can add music to enhance the 360X output

Think about your own insta feed - you stop and view it when there is fun and Sound On!.

Friends of consumers at your event will do exactly the same with the controlled branded content you are creating with 360X


The 360X is a great piece of tech to capture consumers playing with props. Record the guest from every angle as the confetti flutters around them.

Create an edge of mystery by activating a smoke machine surrounding the consumer with mist. It engages consumers and lets you captures greater depth on the 360X videos.

Give consumers branded merchandise or equipment to play with as they record their 360!

Branded platform and control station

Maximising brand exposure is one of the things the 360X does best.

The platform, control station and - most importantly - the final video can be personalised to your brand, so every consumer using the 360X knows which brand is generating all the fun.

Watch shares and re-shares rocket as friends like, tag and share in reaction to 360X vids!

360X Rig

The 360X draws attention from everywhere, particularly when it’s wrapped in a circular rig.

The 360X Rig:

  • gives a bigger presence at your event for the 360X
  • adds additional branding throughout the video
  • allows audience to view their friends on 360X

event tools

Engage with guests and gives them a reason to share your hashtag on social media.

Your entire event can be captured through user-generated content, and shared to consumers’ family and friends, increasing your brand’s organic social media shares.Make everyone at your event a content creator.

data capture

We know that data is important and that’s why our software makes it easy to collect the data that users provide - safely and securely.

We’ve got it all covered from custom surveys to disclaimers and from email addresses to secure data transfer.

Make sure you really connect with your consumers and form relationships that build your brand - with in-built GDPR compliance.

social analytics

We like to get a little bit geeky at times, especially with all the figures from the event tech.

Want to know how many people shared your content? Posted to Facebook? Or Instagram? Or maybe you want to know who tweeted their branded selfie from your custom microsite?

We provide it all in a neat report to assess your ROI and provide insight to future marketing spend.

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