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GIF Booth

Give consumers a next level photo experience at your event with the noonah GIF booth. Loop your consumer’s snaps into fun, branded GIFs. A huge trend. Right now.

GIFs are hugely popular and have a 40x higher chance of being shared, increasing your brand’s reach.

With the opportunity to take several photos, watch as your audience gets inventive with their poses within your themed GIF.

Our systems inside the booths quickly stitch images together to create GIFs, in a format of your choosing.

Before consumers receive their GIFs, your branding is added to the foreground of the output which can then immediately be shared to social.


user experience

foregrounds and moving foregrounds

Put your branding in the mind of the consumer by putting it at the front of their content. The foreground can be stationary, or can be animated and move with the consumer. Add falling snow, your brand name in flashing lights, or cool graphics.

When consumers share their GIFs to social, they also share your foreground, increasing brand reach.


The burst feature on the GIF booth takes lots of snaps of your consumers really quickly.

These pictures are then stitched together to create a GIF which shows how the consumers can move! Like a digital flipbook so easy for fans and consumers to share with their friends.


Boomerang GIFs are a huge hit on social media, recording a few seconds of footage and then repeatedly rewinding and playing the video in a loop.

Consumers get to relive their epic memories from your events and you get to see them share.

3 and 4 shot GIF

It’s hard to get the perfect shot on the first attempt, let consumers strike several poses and find their favourite with the 3 and 4 shot GIF feature.

The system then ties these images together to create an epic GIF of the consumers experience at your event.


Creating edgy content to be shared on social is simple with the glitch feature on the GIF booth. Zooming in and out, separating colours within the recording and generating an awesome output.

Add music, branding, and boom, you have an incredible GIF that consumers can’t wait to share.


Everybody wants to be famous, with the morphing feature on the GIF booth consumers can turn themselves into your endorsing celebrity. Watch as you slowly transform into Audrey Hepburn or Freddie Kruger.

Consumers love sharing morphs!

bespoke backdrops

You get to choose what you want consumers at your event to pose before. From step and repeat to angled backdrops, noonah can provide the perfect backdrop for your event.

It’s another chance to increase brand exposure and get consumers interacting with your brand.

props and custom props

Make the GIFs generated in the booth even more fun by capturing consumers playing with different props at your event. Get them to throw on a wig and throw confetti in the air, or play with streamers and hats.

The amount of fun increases 10x and consumers are even more likely to share their GIFs to social as they want to show their friends and fans all the fun they had.

event tools

We create content that fans, guests and consumers want to share….

To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS direct from the tech quickly and easily – or later from their own devices.

Snazzy selfies, glamorous gifs and amazing artwork. Whatever the event tech, share immediately to friends and family, maximising your brand’s reach.


We know that data is important and that’s why our software makes it easy to collect the data that users provide - safely and securely.

We’ve got it all covered from custom surveys to disclaimers and from email addresses to secure data transfer.

Make sure you really connect with your consumers and form relationships that build your brand - with in-built GDPR compliance.

social analytics

We like to get a little bit geeky at times, especially with all the figures from the event tech.

Want to know how many people shared your content? Posted to Facebook? Or Instagram? Or maybe you want to know who tweeted their branded selfie from your custom microsite?

We provide it all in a neat report to assess your ROI and provide insight to future marketing spend.

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