Expand your brand loyalty through product personalisation

Live Event Printing

Engage with your guests and give them the chance to customise their products with Live Event Printing, creating an exciting and immersive experience.

Guests create unique and personal merchandise using branded graphics and images, engaging creatively with your brand in a fun way.

You provide a library of branded designs for customers to interact with, creating the perfect keepsake that will keep you in the front of your consumers mind, and build meaningful relationships.

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user experience

Water Bottles

Let consumers personalise branded water bottles live at your event

Drawstring Bags

Consumers take away their custom branded drawstring bags from your event


Consumers can interact with and wear your brand with their personalised T-Shirts


Guests are instantly gratified, getting their personalised merchandise live at the events and forming powerful brand relationships


Add this as a service in a retail store, at an exhibition or live at your event.

event tools

We create content that fans, guests and consumers want to share….

To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS direct from the tech quickly and easily – or later from their own devices.

Snazzy selfies, glamorous gifs and amazing artwork. Whatever the event tech, share immediately to friends and family, maximising your brand’s reach.

data capture

We know that data is important and that’s why our software makes it easy to collect the data that users provide - safely and securely.

We’ve got it all covered from custom surveys to disclaimers and from email addresses to secure data transfer.

Make sure you really connect with your consumers and form relationships that build your brand - with in-built GDPR compliance.

social analytics

We like to get a little bit geeky at times, especially with all the figures from the event tech.

Want to know how many people shared your content? Posted to Facebook? Or Instagram? Or maybe you want to know who tweeted their branded selfie from your custom microsite?

We provide it all in a neat report to assess your ROI and provide insight to future marketing spend.

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